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"Everything begins with a healthy, happy Smile!"


Welcome to the official website of Lance Ogata, DDS, a top dentist in Kahului and Maui. Dr. Ogata's dental practice is a state-of-the-art facility that cares for patients as family, or as we say in Hawaii "ohana." 
At our office, each staff member focuses on a whole-body approach to dentistry; we know your smile affects not only your overall health and happiness, but also how you feel about our appearance. Through regular dental checkups and cosmetic dentistry services, Dr. Ogata will help you achieve and maintain a smile that conveys confidence.


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 February 2009-2014: Published in Honolulu Magazine as one of Hawaii's top Dentists" 
Voted by Dentists across the state selecting the top dental professionals in Hawaii 


 Lance D. Ogata, DDS, Inc.

140 Hoohana St.

Suite 301

Kahului, Maui, HI 96732
Phone: 808-877-8090
Fax: 808-877-8010

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Let our dedicated dental professionals help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of!


"We may have only one hospital, but we have many superior doctors & dentists. I've had superior care from Dr. David Adams, Dr. Cora Tasaki, Dr. Darren Egami & others. But best of all I've found an extraordinary dentist in Dr. Lance Ogata. Finding a good dentist can be very hard. The state dental association is required to recommend all dentists equally.

I've had 8 root canals, and dozens of other procedures done by more than 20 dentists in my lifetime. One dentist put in a crown that fell out the next day! I know good dental work from bad, and I'm VERY picky. Dr Ogata is the BEST dentist I've ever had. I don't have any vested interest in promoting him. I'm a fairly new patient & it took me 8 years to find him, here on Maui. I hope this letter helps You find him faster than I did."

Sunny Hills, Lahaina (As published in the Maui News Editorials, September 21, 2007)

"Can you imagine never being nervous about going to the dentist? That is how you will feel if Dr. Lance Ogata is your dentist. For years, I went because it was the right thing to do for the healthy teeth and mouth I wanted.

Now I go because I know I have the best dentist ever. Plus, he has an incredibly efficient office staff, caring and pleasant assistants and a great hygienist.

What more could you want? I'll tell you. Several years ago, I was in having some crown work done. When he had completed the work on my teeth, I came out to get in my car. My friend was waiting for me there, had received a phone call while I was in the office. It was bad news! My dad had passed away on the Mainland. We were sitting in the front seat of the car crying when Dr. Lance must have looked out his window and noticed us. The next thing we knew, he was at our car windows, asking me if he had hurt me (while doing the dentistry) and why hadn't I told him. When I explained about my dad, he was amazing. He wanted us to come back into the office, take care of our tears and get some water or coffee - anything to make us feel better. Instead, we ended up going home to take care of calls to family.

That night, about 8:00 p.m., the phone rang. It was Dr. Lance, wanting to know how I was, and if there was anything he could do to help. I will never forget that gesture of kindness and compassion. So, not only is Dr. Lance the kind of professional you want working on your teeth, he is a friend and a person who cares about you personally, not just as another patient. He understands and practices aloha."

Sue Moore

"I first came to Lance Ogata with his office was still in Kihei. He was so professional and caring that I have gone to him ever since. Even though I live on Lahaina side, it is more than worth it to drive across island to see him. He always calls to see if things are going well after a procedure. No other dentist I have gone to has ever done that for me.

I would, and have, recommended Lance Ogata to others. For me, his professional skills, his caring staff, and his aloha to all his patients are the hallmarks of a great person and dentist."

Judy Duvall

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